About Us

CommunicatorBase makes business commerce as easy as consumer commerce, helping companies like yours thrive in the Networked Economy.

Everything we do is designed to help cut spend and be more collaborative in business commerce

CommunicatorBase helps businesses cut costs, reduce risk, and grow revenue through better collaboration with trading partners and improved demand forecasting. We enable that collaboration and forecasting through our state-of-the-art CommunicatorBase system - a cloud-based system where you’ll find buying, and communicating with suppliers to be as easy as using Amazon and PayPal. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to achieving greater visibility and efficiency with your trading partners. That’s why we put a lot of time and energy into improving our collaboration tools and improving our forecasting algorithms to help companies work together securely and efficiently in the cloud.

When you’re buying, we’ll help you source and procure goods and services in ways that boost competition, saving you money and minimizing risks.

And when it comes to document and information exchange between trading partners, we help you eliminate the time and expense of manual, paper-laden processes involving invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and payments. Our SaaS solution is designed to give you that time back — and equip you to take advantage of the latest forecasting strategies. So take a look around. Everything we do is designed to help you be more collaborative, strategic, and creative in business commerce. Working with CommunicatorBase, you can make a bigger impact within your company, and in turn, within the increasingly networked economy.

Our Story

CommunicatorBase started on a paper-napkin, and the right idea.

It was 2005. Over lunch at Thai Traditions in Wichita, two brothers were discussing the tremendous waste of time and money involved in their company's purchasing. The problem: outdated, emails and paper-based purchasing procedures—tedious, frustrating, and error prone communications between the company and their suppliers.

The solution, they recognized, lay in this new thing called "the cloud" and the opportunity it presented to link organizations to efficiently exchange information. On that infamous napkin, they diagrammed their solution and what it would do.

It would have a walk-up user interface. It would integrate with our financial system. It would hook buyers right up to their suppliers. And doing so, it would fundamentally change the way business was done.

On the surface, it was a great idea for cutting purchasing time and costs for their company. At its core was something much more fundamental and powerful: Our collective need to connect and collaborate with overseas business partners. Over time, as our business evolved, the scope of our work expanded, through development and the changing landscape of our industry due to the economic recession, we discovered that through the use of simple algorithms we can free up a lot of our cash that is stuck in our Supply Chain and become a lean organization.

For 8 years we continuously developed the system to help our organization gain a competitive advantage over our competition, collaborating with multiple suppliers with ease, keeping track of our costs, freeing up cash, improving inventory turns, and giving our customers a phenomenal level of service.

In 2014 we decided to share our knowledge with the world, and to launch the CommunicatorBase.com to help organizations adapt to the networked economy. Together with our customers we’re changing the way business gets done. And we invite you to join us.